There is only one key to spending points wisely:

The second half of the equation is spending the points economically and for what I call maximum Point Impact. Here are a few themes that guide my advice, organized below by examples:

  • Shoot for the maximum bang for buck, measured in USD per point in redemption value. When redeeming miles for a flight, for example, there are tradeoffs that I will almost always make the same way. Let's say I wanted to fly to Paris to visit a new 3-star and have the choice of three itineraries:
    • Economy-class round trip flight, 60,000 miles ($1,200 cash value)
    • Park Hyatt hotel room, 30,000 points ($800 cash value) 
  • or
    • Business-class round trip flight, 115,000 miles ($8,000 cash value)
    • IHG Holiday Inn hotel room, 15,000 points ($115 cash value) 
  • or
    • First-class round trip flight, 220,000 miles ($23,000 cash value)
    • Couch surf $0 points, arguably $0 cash value 😂

The first example would cost a total of 90,000 miles and points and "yield" a cash value of $2,000, giving me about $0.02 of Point Impact.

The second example costs marginally more points; 120,000 in total, but "yields" a cash value of $8,115, giving me $0.07 of Point Impact; almost 3x higher. 

The third example costs even more; 220,000 points, but "yields" $0.10 of Point Impact. 

I realize that these tradeoffs aren't for everyone (some people might put up with the Economy overnight flight in exchange for the luxury of staying at a Park Hyatt instead of CouchSurfing, and I get it), but describing this up front will help clarify how you can amend the strategy to fit your needs.

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